Colony of Hildr Major
Hildr Major
Hildr Major

Star, Star Position

Hildr, Hildr system, Hildr II





Relative size

2x the size of Earth with a similar core-mass.


148 Million


UCT (former), Krell Empire (former), Monarchy of Hildr Major


1.3 G

Length of Day

27 hours.

Length of Year

379 days



Hildr Major was originally founded by alien smugglers and other low-lifes wanting to escape their far-away opressive alien empires. It was later made into a human colony when UCT ships arrived in 2250. The world's climate is mostly polar, with a thin arid zone at the equater. Hildr's continents are Valhalla, Feurgir, and Holdar.

The world is heavily populated with pine-like trees, though White-Widow trees are also common.  Valhalla is, as to be assumed, the main continent: where the capitol, Hrothgar, is located.

Valhalla is one of the warmer of the continents; striking a balence between frigid cold and flaming heat. Thanks to this, the continent is ripe with life; almost entirely of hostile monster-creatures. The trees there are large and strong; sometimes referred to as ironwood or even steelwood, for their surprisingly strong trunks. Hills, moderate mountains, and steppes dominate the region and provide it with a rather unique landscape. The edges of the continent are practically sheer-drops of solid stone, discouraging any naval invasion.

Hildr Major gained independance in The Krell-Hildr War.