Down To Hell and Back Again

Humanity has spread to the stars bringing prosperity to the race. A time of plenty starts and war and greed subsides for a time. The TSF spreads humanity, unifying it in a single government. A united race colonizing the stars and utilizing the technology it has developed for the greater good. But eventually humanity goes back to its dark roots. A civil war starts, and the stars are gripped by the largest conflict humanity has ever seen. The once united people are torn apart into splinter groups. Colonies are forced to fend for themselves. New governments are created by the people to govern themselves. Time will tell whether they survive or not and the means with which they will use to consolidate their power. 

Down to Hell and Back Again Wiki

This is the wiki for the role-play Down to Hell and Back Again or simply "DtHaBA". Down to Hell and Back Again is a science fiction role-play where you create your own colony that recently split off of the main human government, the TSF in the midst of a massive civil war. It is a game of choices where you steer your colony down any road you please. Actions have advantages and consequences. A wrong choice can bring about the death of your colony. Choose wisely, and good luck as leader of a new nation.

Down to Hell and Back Again has several Eras. The roleplay was in the Civil War era in the 2470's. Next is the First Expansion era which starts in the early 2500's. Then there is the Future in the far 2900's.

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