Colony of Darkona

Star, Star Position

Darkona, Darkona System, Darkona III




Many non-military satellites and a massive weaponized space-station.

Relative Size

1.5x size of Earth


127 million


UCT (former), Autarchy of Darkona


1.4 G

Length of Day

28 hours.

Length of Year

382 days



Founded in 2296 by the Terra-Space Frontier, and then reestablished as a self-proclaimed nation in 2478, the Colony of Darkona is a massive, sprawling planet with a moralistic population of sub-Humans who consider themselves superior to the Human race. Darkona's atmospheric composition has made the planet's air highly toxic, with breathing apparatus required to be worn at all times to prevent any oncoming of death, sickness, or disease. Being an Isolationist State with a militaristic influence, Darkona is a atomic bomb waiting to blow up. The population considers the TSF and any of their affiliates to be corrupted, misguided individuals who will need Darkona's iron first to be reeducated by their Autarch and military forces. The military composition of Darkona's armies is adequate, with a standard army of 600,000 servicemen or servicewomen during any conflicts they aren't engaged in, and that can escalate to around 50,000,000 give that the military has the materials and time to equip and train such a large force.

The Autarchy is headed by Mahl Lynx, with a council of senators that vote on any decisions that affect the public population of Darkona. His views on the military lead the population towards technological advancements, with several experiments going underway, including the project of taming and then using Nuclear-Fission energy that is abundant on Darkona.